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'Where is Mugabe?,' Zimbabwe wonders

As Zimbabwe prepares to swear in a new leader after 37 years, attention is turning to the fate of  Robert Mugabe  and his wife. T...


The US invaded Iraq in 2003... will it be North Korea in 2018?

There's mounting concern around the world that history is set to repeat itself in 2018, and under similarly dubious circumstan...


'We want to grow our economy, we want jobs,' Mnangagwa assures Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe's incoming president  Emmerson Mnangagwa  told crowds who turned out in Harare to greet him on Wednesday that "a...


Must Read-: "Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up you BUM" Lebron James to President Donald Trump

LeBron James  slammed Donald Trump after he withdrew  Stephen Curry ‘s invitation to the White House. Apparently, Curry said he wasn...


IN PICTURES: Prince Harry turns 33 today!

Portharcourt - In the past he’d probably be knocking back shooters with his lads on his birthday, but these days Prince Harry cuts a ...


German police smash EU-Nigeria sham marriage ring

Berlin - German police on Tuesday said they have separated a phony marriage ring that combined Portuguese ladies with Nigerian men who ...


Real or Just another lie...? Miami citizen shows live video of Aliens

It's gone from bad to worse in Miami https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/6z8mr6/its_gone_from_bad_to_worse_in_miami/ According to Mi...

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