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Thursday, November 23, 2017

#Vikings All New Series What To expect on the 29th Of November

#Vikings SEason 5 Coming soon November 29th

History's Viking season five returns with a blast, with almost 5 Million views on Youtube the trailer to this thrilling series has already started trending all over social network.

What To Expect In The New Series Of Vikings


Although the season opens to a whole new script and story line we're expecting to see some of our favorite characters, some which follows the likes of

Lagertha ()


The all grown up Ivar is now also replaced with  .


With much speculations of the amount of episodes, I can only assure you of 6 which is listed below

"The Departed"[6]TBATBANovember 29, 2017
523"Homeland"[6]TBATBADecember 6, 2017
534"The Plan"[6]TBATBADecember 13, 2017
545"The Prisoner"[6]TBATBADecember 20, 2017
556"The Message"[6]TBATBADecember 27, 2017

See The Thriller Below..

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