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These are the Most controversial lyrics by Eminem

These are the Most controversial lyrics by Eminem
No doubt Eminem is one the greatest living rappers. He grabbed the no spot of the best rappers with his magical lyrics that got sudden popularity among the public. Personally I love to listen Eminem’s tracks because I like the way he delivers his lyrics. If you are a real Eminem fan that you won’t believe that many of his rape lyrics are declared as highly offensive and controversial by the public and even by his fans. I have carried out some research and following are his top three most controversial rape lyrics of all times.
As you know Eminem likes to talk about fighting in his lyrics and this song is nothing but a Picasso of his vision. In these lyrics, Eminem shows his level of aggression to his competitors or the enemies. You can estimate the level of the aggression in his lyrics when he talks about punching Lana Del Ray twice in the face and that is the reason why people think that these lyrics are his one of the most controversial lyrics.
2.Kill You
Another day and another controversial song but this time even title of the song is not only controversial but also represents hate and aggression. Gosh! In these lyrics Eminem is directly talking about beating a lady till his vocal cords stop working. In short, he wants to beat her till she stops speaking shit.
In another phrase of the lyrics, Eminem expresses his feeling to kill his bit*h. This aggression and abusive language can make any pop song super controversial but here is another amazing fact about the pop music lovers especially those who are Eminem fans, pop songs get more hits if they are abusive and controversial.
3.*Love *The*Way* You * Lie*
The title of the song seems very romantic but the reality is totally vice a verse. When this song was released many fans thought that finally this song is going to be cool and romantic but guess what? Eminem never fails to surprise the pop industry because this with very depressive but romantic lyrics but again ends up with the same old aggression and controversy.
Would you tie your girlfriend with a bed and the set the house on fire? I guess you will never do so but surprisingly Eminem is man of his own nature. According to his lyrics, he wants to set his girlfriend on fire if she is even thinking about leaving him.
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