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Why You shouldn't Celebrate Easter 5 Painful Truth About The Easter [You Should know]

Easter bunny eggs...

The painful truth about Easter

Disclaimer: I know alot of you guys would criticize after reading this (based on your believes) but please adhere that the key purpose of this article is not to change your believe or faith in anyway but to educate, if you feel right to drop a comment please drop a reasonable comment let us know your take on the article thank you.

So growing up we were meant to believe Easter as we know it celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Yeshua as called in the Hebrew tongue)
That should be about the general story everybody knows, and has transcended from generations to generations, and i bet you would also pass it down to your kids, but here's some or 5 Painful truth you should know about the so Holy Christians 'Holy Day'

1. The Name 'Easter'

Assyrian Goddes Ishtar

Easter itself as a word is an English translation for the Assyrian Pagan Goddess 'Eostre' the Goddess of Spring and Light, Who was celebrated by the Assyrians to Mark a new change in season.

2. What It Portrays.

What Easter Potrays

Although we're meant to believe Easter is the Celebration of the 'Death & Resurrection of Christ' ages back when the activities started i wasn't always so, the actual Easter occasions was a pagan traditional Holliday that worshiped a pagan Goddess

3. Paganism in Disguise and The Church.

The Early Church

Scholars have shown proven research that the early Catholics were responsible for the change in events as the early Christians never celebrated the 'Passover' as Easter neither did they(early Christians ) celebrated it annually as done in this times, Easter is also said to be regarded as a pagan Holiday to worship the change of seasons(Stated above).

4. The Date.

The Julian Calendar Pointin 14th Nisan

Easter as we know it is said to be between the second weekend of April (By the Calendar we all use) mean why the Julia Calendar (Jews Calendar) records the 14th day of Nisan which by calculations falls on the 14th of April,  Presently Easter is Celebrated on a Sunday which is Indecisive to the actual Date.
Still on the Date Flaws early Christians celebrated the 'Passover over' feast not annually but rather after every full moon to mark the death of Yeshua(Jesus).

5. Connection to Christmas,Rabbit's and Jesus Christ.

Easter Jesus ascending

The connection of Easter to the 'Easter Bunny' is one of many funny stories... And i would love to elaborate on it but cause of the time being of my schedule i won't.....
So how connected is Easter to Jesus Christ and Christmas?
Well remember i said earlier that Easter was a pagan tradition? Christmas also is...!!! Well according to information gathered Christmas was only a preparation event to Mark the great Holiday of the Goddess Eostre (Easter). Catholics who thought it better to convert more pagans into their new found Christian faith and to give them something to believe in they switched the Dates having the birth Of Jesus as Christmas and his Death and Resurrection as Easter.


You may Not believe this, or find it very hard to take in because of your Christian faith but it's as true as life itself... But like i said this was only written to educate and not to arouse a Religious dispute.

If you feel you can contribute to this in anyway or have a question to ask please let me see your comments below.

Thank You..

Author: Hilip Ibidom Kaladappa Of Wayswap Media
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