Having a decent (or even bursting) set can cause quite a few issues when choosing what to wear. Yet, many think this shouldn’t be considered a “problem”. 
“Oh, shame poor you, you have big boobs”, they say under their breath sarcastically. But truly, I’ve heard more women complain about having big breasts than those with a mere handful.
Most people think it is all about the back pain, as if we might just fall over at any moment. Run, Boob-aggedon!
But there’s a bit more to it than that.  
So, growing up with more than a handful myself, I have considered the pros and cons of the (extra) flesh:

• Others want something you have

• You have the option to emphasise your cleavage

• You fill out a polo neck quite well


• Your breasts always play peek-a-boo in your button-down shirts

• Sleeping on your stomach can be rather...breath-limiting

• Closing your blazer is but a pipedream
Taking my wealth of knowledge on the subject into consideration, I urge you to dress for big boobs without fear, and with gusto.  Here are a few tips: 

Tip #1

Find a good bra. Get yourself measured and buy your correct size. We all know that we are probably walking around wearing the wrong size, especially as our weight fluctuates*.
*season dependent/stage of breakup dependent.
After locating this perfect bra, get a few. Like 5. Same goes for a bikini top. It’s like finding a good cup of coffee in Brakpan, I tell you. 

Tip #2

Don’t hide them. I often do this. We have cleavage therefore we don’t want to flaunt it. But flaunting is not necessarily the crux, as ManRepeller says: it’s really all about balance. You can wear tight things and cleavage-revealers – it just depends on how you wear it. 
Wear a tight white tee with mom jeans or wide-leg pants. Do not go tight on tight – those knockers will stand out like needles on a cactus. No. 
Or don’t show lots of leg and lots of cleavage. Even it out.

Tip #3

Spaghetti straps are not the enemy.  
I probably last wore said strap in primary school. But now, thanks to the slip dress trend, we can wear tiny strapped items – with a tee underneath, that is.
It is such a great trend to follow and allows you to wear some of your favourite summer items year round. Hoorah for boob-complimenting trends! Another great one to follow is chokers.
Chokers and big boobs go together like koffie and beskuit.  

Tip #4

Button-downs and blazers can be your friends. Refinery29 actually encourages you to wear a shirt (minus peek-a-boo) and/or a blazer (and be able to close the button) – all you need to do is buy it a size or two bigger. 
Now I know we hate doing this, it’s so defeating. But it’s not you, it’s your boobs! They need some extra room. Give the girls some space.