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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Former Miss SA hits out after harrowing racist attack on Human Rights Day

Bokang Montjane

This Human Rights Day will be a memorable one for former Miss SA Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala — for all the wrong reasons.
Bokang stopped at a traffic light while driving home. It turned green, but the businesswoman waited a little while longer as cars travelling in the opposite direction were still crossing.
“This couple behind me, they started screaming and hooting,” she recalls in an Instagram post.
“I eventually crossed over [the intersection] and so did they and I decided to move to the yellow lane and get out of the way and even let them pass ’cause clearly I was on the road with a bunch of idiots and I was like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ ”
“[The male] screamed, ‘YOU’RE A F***ING MONKEY. MONKEYS CANT DRIVE. F*** YOU, YOU MONKEY’ and he started making monkey sounds,” she says in the two-part post she shared on her account yesterday.
Bokang, wife of soccer player, Siphiwe Tshabalala, wasn’t about to let the man’s shocking behaviour go.
She followed the pair and eventually pulled over in front of them, blocking off the rest of the road.
Even if they wanted to run her over, she wasn’t leaving without an apology.
“I will not tolerate racism and say it’s okay to be called a monkey because I’m black . . . I chose to cause a scene and didn’t care that I’m a public figure and it might not fit in with being a so-called [former] Miss SA.
“No, this is about my forefathers, my grandparents, my parents and what they’ve been through for us to get this freedom . . . [The] biggest part is that this is about my son and the fact that these two people will have children and teach them that Africans are monkeys and their kids will say it to my son some day . . . We can’t keep tolerating such nonsense for the sake of peace,” she adds.
She got the pair pictured in her post to apologise but added that even their forced apology doesn’t make this behaviour acceptable.

“I refuse after so many years of [South Africa] being a democratic country to be subjected to [this].”

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